WHO DIS? is a custom-made, two-player guessing game. The players take turns asking yes-no questions to find out the opponent’s hidden character.


Is it Grandma? Is it your pet parrot? Is it that guy from high school you had a crush on? Is it the superhero you love? Is it your favourite video game character? Is it your old boss from the office?


It can be anything, because you decide the theme of your own WHO DIS?, we just make it for you. It can be family, friends, old classmates, famous people or your kid’s favourite toys.


Just pick 18 faces for your theme, send us their photos and we will create your very own WHO DIS? game.



You want to create a game with the faces of your family and surprise your loved ones with a custom-made WHO DIS? for the holidays. In this case, you will send us 18 photos like this:

1. Mom 

2. Dad

3. Granny 

4. Gramps 

5. Grandpa Wong

6. Grandma Wong

7. Aunt Irma

8. Uncle Ben 

9. Aunt Carrie

10. Auntie Samantha

11. Dwight

12. Baby Michael

13. Pam

14. Jim

15. Joey T.

16. Regina P. 

17. Scout (Dog)

18. Coco (Parrot)


1. Send us 18 photos to hello@whodis.shop.

Let us know if you want the names of the characters on the cards too. By sending your photos you authorize us to use them for creating your cards. We will treat them confidentially and store them only until we deliver your own WHO DIS? game.


Don’t be afraid to get creative. It can be almost anything, for example:

18 people from your family

18 of your old classmates (including you and your bestie)

18 girls you used to have a crush on

18 famous actors

18 of your daughter’s favourite princesses


2. We will create and mail your custom-made WHO DIS? game including:

2 game boards

3 x 18 character cards

1 cool tote bag for storage

Personalized WHO DIS?