1. Find an opponent. 

2. Place the card holder board in front of you and make sure you can read the WHO DIS? logo without turning your head (it is not upside-down). 

3. Distribute the cards.You and your opponent should have a deck of 18 cards with the same content, and you should have a leftover deck of 18 cards.

4. Place your cards into their slots on the game board. 

5. Shuffle the leftover deck, draw a card from it and place it in its “hiding place” next to the WHO DIS? logo. Don’t let each other know which card you picked, because this card represents the character your opponent has to guess and the character you have to answer questions about.




6. Take turns asking yes-no questions to guess each other’s hidden characters. Let the younger player ask the first question, for example: 


Player 1: Female?


Player 2: Yes

Player 1: Flips over all the male cards.


Player 2: No

Player 1: Flips over all female cards


7. Keep taking turns until you eliminate enough cards to be able to guess the opponent’s chosen character.




The first player to guess the other player’s hidden card wins! If their guess is wrong then they lose.


Each player gets one yes-no question per turn and may only guess once per game.